Sunday, August 12, 2012

My First Vlog: Outfit Of The Day (OOTD #1)

This is my first out-of-boredom attempt at recording my #OOTD (Outfit of The Day) on a Monday. I was just on my way out for iftar session with friends and while waiting for a friend to get ready, I decided to self-shoot like some vains. This is not what I wore to work as I just changed my shirt to that peachy loose top for a more laid back look.

The look for the day was inspired by two people: i) My SUPER boss and CEO, Tan Sri Liew Kee Sin who came to our Business Unit for a dialogue. I remember when I donned the turban look earlier this year during a forum in Penang, he came to me and asked what kind of head gear style I was wearing and I told him it's the turban and he said he loved it. ii) The very-talented Yunalis Zarai (Yuna) who have inspired a bigger movement for cool & chic turban style. Man, the girl is the shit and she is a trendsetter. Love her!

Obviously, I am a plus size so this video is specially dedicated to fellow thick chicks out there. I love dressing up but I wouldn't call myself a fashionista cause I'm not. I get inspirations from all around but one thing I noticed is there are not many plus-sizers out there who are doing things like this, particularly in Malaysia (US scene have a lot of good ones, perhaps Malaysians can replicate that?). And I thought (after recommendations from friends too), why not I do it too? Perhaps I really should.

It's time for plus-sizers to show the world that we rock too, style wise. And perhaps we rock even harder than those skinny-to-average chicks.

Keep it real, curves.

Oh, oh, I would love to give credit to the extremely talented and dope A$AP Rocky for the awesome music. His 'LiveLoveA$AP' is one of my favorite hip hop records last year and this song in particular "Acid Drip" is my most favorite track of them all. Dig it, peeps.

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